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About Montania System AB

Montania System is a software and consulting company with offices in Halmstad and Stockholm. At Montania, we help small and medium-sized businesses to automate their business processes. Our origins are in accounting software, but today we offer a broad range of integrated business applications. Customer support is a key part of our offering and the majority of our customers have taken out an annual support contract with Montania. We also offer our customers regular software updates and upgrades, to ensure they continue to get the most out of their Montania system. We offer direct sales and work closely with resellers around Sweden which allows our customers to choose how they wish to purchase their Montania software.

Product range

Montania Software

Montania Software is specialized in accounting and business software with applications for accounting, invoicing, time tracking, tax return, payroll and book balancing, all developed exclusively for the Swedish market. We offer a range of product families that are all based on modern technology standards. This means your business will benefit from the latest high-performance hardware and software platforms. Montania Softwares products are fully integrated and flexible. They’ve all been designed and developed to meet the specific and varied needs of small to mid-range businesses. All our systems are easy to install, use and maintain. Product names include StepOne Bokföring, StepOne Ekonomi, StepOne Integra, and Agera.

Montania Solutions

Montania Solutions is specializing in creating innovative solutions for business software. All products present a wide range of options that can be tailored quickly to your business needs. They will deliver a rapid return on investment, saving time and money in implementation. Which development tools we choose depends on the clients needs but we mostly use FileMaker Pro, PHP and Lasso. We offer our customers both help and advice, as well as a broad range of products and services, from easy to use website and e-commerce to more sophisticated business solutions. Our solutions will interface easily with other software.

One of Montania’s advantages is that we are able to take the best from both departments by integrating standard products from our Software department with innovative solutions from our Solutions department.


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